Re:Re: Convert IDMS DDL to Relational DDL

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 5, 2010
what about CA-Architect ? does it still exist? I know it can/could
download a schema and do things with it on a PC - was normalization one
of them?

or am I having a flashback to the 80's?

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Re: Convert IDMS DDL to Relational DDL
"Maybe this is a good thing for smaller companies like ours that have the
opportunity to fill the gaps. If CA did everything then there may not be
useful innovations such as the additional support and products for CA IDMS
that help prolong its life nor would there be options for those users that
don't want all of their software coming from the prime vendor. We also
pride ourselves in being more flexible and adaptive to customer needs than
is usually possible with the monster corporations.

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