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i saw the word CULL in the layoff post and it got me thinking - does anyone still run 5 step culprit?
does the beast still exist?
does anyone else even REMEMBER 5-step Culprit??

Chris Hoelscher
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you only need to test the programs that you want to work correctly

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Re: just curious ...
"Yep - still remember the 5 stepper. The single step is probably the origina=
l ""mash up"" - being the JCL for all 5 steps merged into one step - and exec=
uting a ""controller"" that ""calls"" each of the 5 steps internally - you can =
still get the reports from each step - if you wish - for old times sake!=20

Just as I sometimes get the assembler list for Cobol programs for debugging=
- I find that the compiled list of a Culprit report can sometimes be simil=
arly enlightening if you're trying to work out why something isn't working =
out ?

Wouldn't it be embarrassing if one of the ""culled"" staff has been put up fo=
r an ""Employee Recognition Award"" at CA-World? Let's hope the left hand and=
the right hand are communicating !

Cheers - Gary=20

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