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h? were any question answered

i do not think it was intended to be an idms-centric presentation - i
was asked to participate as an CA-IDMS client, certainly, but I have no
knowledge if any CA-Datacom clients were approached, or other IDMS clients
for that matter, and if so, was I the only one brave (or is that foolish)
enough to participate- but i can perhaps understand why:

I have virtually no ""jitters"" when I present to a live audience - BUT -
when i recorded the Webcasts for MMM and the live Simulcast, I was very
nervous - when i am in front of an audience, I can see the blank stares
and glazed-over expressions - at least i know how badly I am tanking -
when i cannot see the audience - i can only imagine how bad it is

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Humana Inc

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Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] z/IIP panel discussion on MMM - did anyone watch? were any question answered
"When I did a pre-recorded webcast last year, I asked some co-workers to sit in as the ""studio audience"". It helped.