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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 24, 2010
i do not think it was intended to be an idms-centric presentation - i
was asked to participate as an CA-IDMS client, certainly, but I have no
knowledge if any CA-Datacom clients were approached, or other IDMS clients
for that matter, and if so, was I the only one brave (or is that foolish)
enough to participate- but i can perhaps understand why:

I have virtually no ""jitters"" when I present to a live audience - BUT -
when i recorded the Webcasts for MMM and the live Simulcast, I was very
nervous - when i am in front of an audience, I can see the blank stares
and glazed-over expressions - at least i know how badly I am tanking -
when i cannot see the audience - i can only imagine how bad it is

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Re: z/IIP panel discussion on MMM - did anyone watch? were any question answered

I was surprised that there was not a Datacom user as well because there was
one user using zIIP support in the Sunday Datacom session. It may have been
that he was not presenting because of his site. It seems that people from
DISA, DHS, etc., are restricted in this area.

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