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well .... once CA found out the just of my (our) concerns with the new website - they changed the date of the meeting so i could not
attend! however I forwarded my (our) concerns and received the following

1) Why should I have to click an extra time to login? since the site
is aware that u entered the sub domain name, it knows there
is a very good chance I will need to sign on - LEAVE THE SIGNON files on
the entry page
Users can access CA sites as an anonymous user and not have to log in to
access a library of function. Once you do login by clicking the Login
link you will be authenticated and returned to the application you came
from. Users accessing anonymously will be placed on that
site upon login, the same is true for or or
Education which is a subdirectory of

2) Where is the knowledge base link? using the knowledge base can prevent
issues from being opened - PUT THE KNOWLEDGE BASE LINK in PLAIN SITE
Knowledge base, which was an option on the left hand navigation, was
nothing more than a search. Industry standards for user experience is to
enable search from the top right hand search bar which is where the
knowledge search exists now, and always was present even when the support
left hand navigation link was present. We have received this observation
from many users and we plan to put the KB Search left hand navigation back
in but what it will do is inform the user that the function is now
executed by the search bar as well as informing users that the KB Search
left hand navigation link will be removed on a specified date.

3) Get rid of the banner ad - I do not needs to continually annoyed by it
The banner link is intended to provide useful information to alert users
of pending outages as well as for support offerings and solutions that can
solve your issue. The option always exists to hide the message so you do
not continually have to see it after the first occurrence.

go figure .....

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Re: concern responses
"I concur. How could they (CA) had anyone testing this new online support without realizing that knowledge search is one of the more common functions that is being used by a DBA. If in our business we introduced changes to a system without a sign offs the analyst job would be question.

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