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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jun 4, 2010
The ""ADD KEYS"" statement in the SYSGEN defines default keys for various
functions in applications such as IDD and OLM. The SYSGEN manual lists
key assignments for application ADSORUN, which is described as the ""CA
ADS runtime system"". But it does not list any for application ADSO,
which is also in our SYSGEN.

Does anyone know what application ADSO refers to, and where I could find
a list of its key assignments?

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Re: Key assignments in SYSGEN
"That's the one. I see that the module has comments that tell what the key assignments are. Now if I just knew what ADSO keys affected...

FYI, if you enter ""DISPLAY ALL KEYS."" in SYSGEN, you will see the ""ADD KEYS"" syntax.


The reason I am asking these questions is that we have a situation where an ADS dialog abends, and the users suddenly find themselves in IDD. So far, this only happens on rare occasions in one dialog after the user presses PF9. We know what is causing the abend, but not why they end up in IDD. The PF9 may not have anything to do with it, but I thought I should check things that have key assignments.

I **think** that I have ruled out ADS/Alive and TCF. Other suggestions would be welcome!