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If you execute a clist containing TASKA, TASKB, and TASKC, and TASKA abends, TASKB and TASKC do not get executed. Is there any way to make the clist processing continue even if one of the tasks abends?

I'm talking about the CLIST command that you can execute at the ""enter next task code"" prompt, not any CLIST commands within a tool or application.

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Re: question about clists

I can't think of any way to not stop processing the CLIST if a task abends, maybe one of gurus on the list can think of a way. But the obvious questions are:

1) Why is the task abending anyway? Can that be fixed or the program changed to not abend if invoked from CLIST and only issue a message?
2) Is order important - couldn't you put the task that is likely to abend at the end where it won't matter?

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