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Just as you were starting to wonder how to spend your summer vacation (or t=
he long winter nights down here) - here's an opportunity to keep busy and d=
o something for the IDMS User Community!

This is an open call for people within the IDMS User community to tell us a=
bout anything that you think may be of interest to the rest of the communit=

* WHAT do you do with IDMS? Tell us about interesting or unusual applicatio=
ns, new developments and/or mission critical applications

* HOW do you do it? Provide technical tips for DBA's, hints for application=
developers, change control, project management techniques, maximising use =
of functionality of the tools

* WHY do you do it? What does IDMS or applications built on IDMS/ADS do=
to ""add value to the business""?

If you are planning to provide an article, please let me know soon with at =
least a ""title"" so that we can try to build up a picture as to how we are g=
oing for content. Also, if I know you are planning to submit an article I c=
an send you the ""Guidelines for Contributors to Connections"" document, whic=
h you will find useful to help to minimise your work and reduce duplication=
of effort by our publisher. If you would like to make a contribution to th=
e next IDMS Connections I will need your completed submission by Monday Aug=
ust 23rd (Tuesday 24th in Asia-Pacific), for publication in September.

And a special thought for vendors - do you have any new tools that you want=
to tell the IDMS Community about? If so, why not place a =BD page or full =
page ad in the September issue. Placing your ads helps to support IDMS Conn=
ections and it's a terrific way of letting people know what you are up to b=
etween CA-Worlds!

IDMS Connections is ""best practice"" for communications amongst the CA User =
Communities - you can help us to keep it that way.

Thanks in advance - looking forward to your=
contributions, thoughts and feedback - cheers - Gary

Gary Cherlet
Justice Technology Services
Department of Justice, SA Government

President Australian IDMS User Group (OZIUA)
IUA Board member responsible for Connections
And User Contributed Library

"""""""" Telephone +61 (0)8 8226 5199
@@ Facsimile +61 (0)8 8226 5311
> Mobile +61 (0)41 333 1613

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Re: IDMS Connections - call for submissions for September 2010 Issue

I think you still have a article from me ""on hold"". Is that right?