Re: Question about CA - HYPER NOTIFICATION - RO20143 IDMS - OS

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 27, 2010
getmain problem

We are currently running 16.0 SP4 on z/OS 1.11 (skipped 1.10) with no
problems (and without RO20143).

I looked up OA27291, and the net result seemed to be that a change in
VSM was introduced in z/OS 1.10, it caused some people some problems,
and as of z/OS 1.11 the behavior of VSM is controlled by the DIAGxx
parameter ""VSM USEZOSV1R9RULES"". The default in z/OS 1.11 is ""VSM
which essentially negates the change made to VSM in 1.10 - we are taking
the default.