Question about user exit #1 - signon exit

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I have a couple of questions about using user exit #1, the signon exit, wit=
h UCF connections:

1) The documentation for this exit states that ""This exit is called af=
ter the signon routine (RHDCSNON) has verified the user identifier and pass=
word and has built a signon element (SON)."" Will the exit be called for a=
utomatic signon done by UCF connections such as UCFBTCH? (The call counter=
for RHDCSNON is not incremented in these cases, but the user is signed on =

2) Would the answer to question #1 change depending on whether resourc=
e type SGON in the RHDCSRTT table is secured or not?

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Re: Question about user exit #1 - signon exit
"Our VTAM terminals are autotasked to use a site specific signon routine that uses #SECSGON - after numerous signons RHDCSNON still shows a use count of zero - and after accessing the CV through UCF (from TSO) RHDCSNON still shows a use count of zero - and the UCF terminals are NOT autotasked!

There are some system routines that are called by ""vector calls"" using fixed addresses from the system CSA - such programs never show a usage count because they are not accessed by ""loader"". I wonder if this is the case for signon processing? This could explain zero count for RHDCSNON - pure speculation on my part !

Re: 2 - SGON is secured at our site - we use EXTERNAL security (RACF).

Signon does other processing besides password checking - the LTE/PTE pair need to be set up, your User Profile needs to be established and I would imagine other things as well - UCF signon is ""automatic"" assuming that having been authorised in a CICS/TSO/batch environment you have already passed UserId/Password credential checks for those environments.

There is still other user signon processing (as mentioned) regardless of the UCF interface - such as whether or not you are authorised for the CV or not if SGON is secured. I would expect RHDCSNON to be incremented only if invoked by a sysgen task, or by a CALL/LINK from assembler, Cobol or ADS for example - that would pass through LOADER and so the reference count would be incremented.

HTH - cheers - Gary

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