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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 30, 2010
If I remember things correctly, On the Unix side there is an utility called=
'dd' =0Awhich does the convertion from EBCDIC to ASCII.=0A=0AThere should =
also be a parameter to specify a BLKSIZE=0A=0A- Nithyanandan V=0A=0A
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Update To: Source members no longer being shipped with the next IDMS release currently referred to as release 18
"I just wanted to update this message to address some of the questions
and concerns raised by the original message below. =20

All of the macros listed below will be delivered in Release 18. The
macros will be invoked using the same parameters as earlier releases
with minor exceptions. The main difference is that these macros will
generate almost no executable code. Instead each macro will generate an
option table that will be linked with a small stub module. The
resultant stub load module will contain only enough executable code to
pass the options to a common load module where essentially all of the
executable code will reside. No source will be distributed for the
common module. =20

This will change the installation procedure somewhat for release 18, but
it will deliver a major benefit for subsequent updates. Because the
common load module is separated from the stub load module, you will
almost never need to regenerate the options table nor relink your stub
load module when you apply maintenance. When you apply maintenance via
SMP/E or MSM, only the common module will ever be updated. The stub
load module containing your options table and stub module will not need
to change unless you choose to implement a newly introduced feature that
uses a new macro parameter. =20

Note also that any exits that were supported in earlier releases will
continue to be supported in release 18. Such exits will be linked with
your stub load module. We are considering the possibility of
introducing new exits for a few of the interfaces used with the macros
below. This would be done to accommodate those sites that have actually
modified the executable code in one of these macros to provide
additional functionality beyond that provided by the CA-supplied macros.

A few of you have already responded that you do modify executable code
in these macros. We will be contacting you directly to try to determine
how best to meet your business needs. If you do not hear from us in the
next week and are still concerned that your site may be adversely
affected, please contact John or myself directly at
or . =20