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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 6, 2010
The x'0BBB' translates to decimal 3003. As indicated in the CA-IDMS Messages
and Codes Reference, an ABND3003 indicates
""An attempt to validate the database page number has failed.""
This can only occur when a physical page in the dataset for his area does not
match the definition in the DMCL. There are only a few ways this can occur:
1- The page range in the physical area doesn't match the DMCL definition
2- The page size of the physical area doesn't match the DMCL definition
3- The JCL is pointing to the wrong dataset
4- The DMCL has the file mapped to the wrong buffer
To verify the pages size, page range, and DSN, use LOOK DMCL. In the out-
put, you should see lines that look similar to this display:

. Page Low High Page
. Area Name Group Page Page Size DDNAME
. --------------- ----- ---------- -------- ------ --------
. EMPDEMO.EMP-DEMO-REGION 0 75,001 75,050 4,276 EMPDEMO
.------- Data File -------- Mode Stat Pg-Size Fl-Type DD-Name

Verify that the DDname & DSN in your JCL match the ones for your file.
If it is correct, there are a few other things that you can try:
1- You can run a PRINT PAGE on the first page lised in the DMCL for this
area, to see if it also fails with the 3003.
2- If the Buffer page size in the DMCL isn't at least as large as the area
pagesize, you can update the DMCL to use a different buffer for this area,
regenerate the DMCL, then try the Unlock again.
3- If you havbe other CVs that mirror this one, check the DMCL definitions in
those CVs to see if the definition for this area is the same as in this
4- Verify that the Unlock is run with the same DMCL as the CV.
5- You could try restoring this area from a backup, if you have one.

If none of the above resolve the error, then you will need to open an
issue with CA and we would probably require a dump to find out what the
problem is.

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