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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 24, 2010
Good Morning All,

I have been asked to research the possibility of installing Visual DBA
at our shop. Our system specs are as follows:

MVS - z/OS 1.11
IDMS - Rel 16.0 sp01
Top Secret - Rel 14.0

We do not have the SQL option at our site, but according to the
documentation you only need to install the Database Server Option which
comes with Visual DBA.

My question is, has anyone had experience with installing Visual DBA
with just the Database Server Option, and would like to share their
thoughts on the process and are there any ""gotchas"" that I should be
made aware of?

Thanks in advance
Mike Snipes
USDA/OCFO/National Finance Center
New Orleans, LA.
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Re: Visual DBA
"Hello Mike,

I am right in the middle of using Visual DBA. I am at IDMS rel. 17.0 SP1. z/OS 1.11. You need to have your systems programmer make sure the CCISSL is set up on your machine. That is your connection between your PC and the mainframe. The documentation has something to be desired. Read very carefully. I had a lot of false starts. You can contact me offine if you wish. Let me know if you have anything specific to ask.


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