DB2 gets a db-key

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IBM has finally given in - DB2 10 will include hash key support: =
is a technique that turns a key into a physical location of a row, =
in one-page access for a matching row on an equal predicate."" Sound

The year is 2010. What year did the IDMS db-key become available?

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Re: DB2 gets a db-key

Not only is it in IDMS but Cullinet had that capability in their first SQL
offering, Enterprise DB for VAX and UNIX back in 1988! The decision makers
in the relational marketplace yawned. Some might say they were SLOW by
taking 22 years to figure out that B-Trees are not the only way to index
data but not me. That would be rude. Like you, I too am pleased to see
them learn something from IDMS. Dare we dream? Could VIA SETs be next?

BTW I think ORACLE does have a hash key mechanism of some sort. From the
10g performance and tuning page: ""Support for hash partitioned global
indexes has been added in Oracle 10g"". 10g? Wasn't that recent? Well at
least they're ahead of DB2.

IDMS is still the best,

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