Re:Re: question about numbered user exits

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 18, 2010
Hi Chris,

You are correct. IDMSCOMP and IDMSCOM are allowed to run in SRB mode.
All others require TCB mode. (It has nothing to do with the name. In
other words, you couldn't name a DB proc IDMSCOMP and have it run in SRB
mode). The majority of ""overhead"" when using the zIIP option comes from
swapping back and forth so the less swapping the better.

In my opinion, with respect to the question related to performance. I
would suggest you hard link RHDCUXIT exits with RHDCUXIT as opposed to
defining them as programs and having them called using Standard DC
services. A simple BALR is a lot faster than having the RHDCCXIT module
issue a #CALL to a program. The call and the code path is a lot longer
than the BALR. In a sense this is a lot like linking ""BIFS"" with ADS.
I've heard of and seen some fairly impressive numbers on this subject.
As far as SRB/TCB/SRB swapping, we will always swap to TCB mode when
calling an RHDCUXIT exit.

If you want to see where swaps are occurring you could specify
""CSATST49"" in your SYSIDMS file. I would only do this on a non
production system simply because in addition to counting the swaps there
are some WTORs produced which might not amuse the operators. Don't get
me wrong, we can use this in production systems if the situation
warrants but as a simple matter of gathering information over a period
of time it might be a bit much. It is fine for TEST, QA, Pre-Production,
development systems or whatever your site refers to them as.

""DCMT D SUBT"" will report on the swaps. Here's a sample:


*** Display all subtasks ***

Work Task dispatch

Name Nr type Status count Wakeup count Total
CPU time
---- -- ---- ------ ------------- ------------
MAINTASK 01 IDMS BUSY 1,327 1,228

CHGEMODE table display

Address Program Offset Call cnt TCB->SRB SRB->TCB

-------- -------- -------- ---------- ---------- ----------

3D4B28EA RHDCWAIT 000032EA 1 1 0

3D554058 RHDCTSKI 00000458 22 0 22

3D54C514 RHDCMSTR 00000114 1 1 0

3D52B8F2 RHDCWTL 00001AF2 84 0 84