Re:problem with resource categories

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 25, 2010
We have a group A that has access to a certain program via resource
category A. Group B now needs access to that program, but not to the
other resources in category A.

I created resource category B, moved the program from category A to
category B, then granted execute privileges on category B to both groups
A and B. The users in group A continued to have access to the program,
but the users in group B still got a security violation when they tried
to access the program. This was late Friday afternoon, so I gave up and
went home for the weekend.

This morning both groups A and B can execute the program. The CV was
cycled over the weekend.

I need to make this change on two more CVs, but do not want to have to
wait a whole week (until the next scheduled outage) for the change to
take effect. Is there some sort of ""new copy"" procedure that I need to
do in this situation?

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Re: problem with resource categories

Do you know which dictionary that would be? I have purged the buffers for SYSUSER and SYSTEM to no avail.