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We have a group A that has access to a certain program via resource categor=
y A. Group B now needs access to that program, but not to the other resour=
ces in category A.

I created resource category B, moved the program from category A to categor=
y B, then granted execute privileges on category B to both groups A and B. =
The users in group A continued to have access to the program, but the user=
s in group B still got a security violation when they tried to access the p=
rogram. This was late Friday afternoon, so I gave up and went home for the=

This morning both groups A and B can execute the program. The CV was cycle=
d over the weekend.

I need to make this change on two more CVs, but do not want to have to wait=
a whole week (until the next scheduled outage) for the change to take effe=
ct. Is there some sort of ""new copy"" procedure that I need to do in this s=

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Re: problem with resource categories

I have seen a situation where multiple signons are allowed and the user is signed on twice, if they sign off and on from one of the sessions but not both, the security does not get reset.