Upgrading to Rel 17.0 this weekend, any helpful hints would be app=

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 28, 2010

We are upgrading our Dev and QA environments to release 17 this weekend. I=
have all APARS on up to October 7th.

Has anyone else upgraded to R17, and what problems did you encounter or wha=
t items should we watch for.

Also would you be willing to briefly discuss their experiences with us.

Thanks you.

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"Re: Upgrading to Rel 17.0 this weekend, any helpful hints would be appreciated."
"Hello Edward,

We are at rel.17 SP1 for all our CVs since April. We had no issues per se. The only issue we had was with a third party MQ-Series interface for our ADSO dialogs. Only a hand full of dialogs used the interface, so we modified the dialogs and got rid of the interface and save the company $125,000 over the next three years. Other than that it went fine.

By the way, we went from rel.15 sp6 to rel.17 and then to rel.17 sp1. One last thing if you use CICS as an interface, made sure the CICS anchor blocks are different between CVs that are being executed in the same LPAR. You can get away with it in Rel. 15 but not in Rel.17.

Hope this helps.

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