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Steve,=A0 from my experience,=A0 SMS does nothing for IDMS database admin=
When SMS was=A0 implemented in my shop,=A0 we excluded the IDMS DASD from S=
SMS=A0might be a benefit for DB2 but that is a subject for another listserv=
.=A0 :-)
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From: Steve Carlson <steve.carlson@NSC.COM>
Subject: Convert IDMS from NONSMS to SMS
Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 5:30 PM

How can I convince management and other IS support personnel about
converting from non sms environment to a SMS environment.

Is there a good business savings=A0 presentation for doing this conversion?

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Re: Convert IDMS from NONSMS to SMS
"It has been beneficial to us.
We have moved to mod9s and mod27s from mod3s.
PAV is a must-have.

We no longer worry, therefore, about dataset placement, nor really about =
file-size, as we used to. We just let SMS place the datasets... =
including Journal files, which used to be on dedicated volumes.

We do still limit file-size such that it is easier to ""Tetris"" all the =
files into our available space, but we no longer arbitrarily limit the =
%utilization of a disk drive. So that is a tangible economic benefit, =

We used to have to do a lot of ""tuning"" to correct DASD & Channel =
performance bottlenecks as the application evolved, but now we do not. =
This benefits DBA (& the company of course) by removing the need for the =
outages to move datasets around and the drudgery (& risk) of manual load =

A good, experienced Storage Manager (person) helps the transition a =
great deal -- although it seems like a straight-forward process writing =
SMS rules, everyone seems to stumble over it the first few attempts ... =
the learning curve is painful for all concerned.

A little DBA training in SMS STORCLAS, MGMTCLAS, & DATACLAS overrides -- =
and the ACF2/RACF authority to use them -- makes overcoming shortcomings =
in the SMS rules possible, and easy.