TAPE To Disk and DR Planning

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Hello everyone,

Has anyone completely eliminated offline database backups with some of the new TAPE to Disk technologies? I like what it has to offer, but I also have a concern the technology exposes my customer(s) to a potential disaster.

A customer is implementing one of the new TAPE to Disk technologies and integrated it with databases that use Disk replication to a Disaster Recovery (DR) site. For example, instead of writing All TAPE backups to a Virtual/Physical on-site Tape system, the output is written to a Luminx Box(for example) which is back ended by a disk farm that is also replicated to the DR site. Now, not just the database DISK blocks are replicated on disk to a DR site, but the TAPE Backups (on disk now) would also be replicated on to a DR site and be live 100% of the time at both sites.

This provides some new functionality at the primary and secondary sites, but it also opens some recovery concerns with not having a backup on an 'offline' storage medium. Any update (including backup deletion) at the primary site immediately gets replicated to the DR site. I would prefer a precautionary second physical backup to TAPE (or any storage medium) which gets offline at some point. This protects you against weird events such as the deletion of the backup, sabotage by a technician, or some complete disaster scenarios. If you don't have a precautionary offline backup, you could be exposed to completely losing your system and never getting it back online.

a. Has anyone implemented this technology?
b. Have you completely eliminated offline backups?

Here is the technology a customer is considering integrating it with EMC's Data Domain replication etc.:

I do enjoy the posts here and hope to get some feedback.

Thank you.

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Re: TAPE To Disk and DR Planning
"We offload to ""virtual tape"" - i.e. disks. But, we copy the ""tape"" to anoth=
er real tape that is shipped to the DR site.

Works for us.

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