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Clarity and IE 8 issues

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by Alex_Feldstein
Hi all,

I am new to the Forum and new to Clarity. I have been working with Clarity for a month now, and have been tasked to find what issues, if any, are there with Clarity and IE8.

Our organization (a large corporation) uses XP SP3 and IE 7 at the moment and is planning to upgrade use4rs to IE8 before the end of the year. Our Clarity version/build is FP00.02 001

I searched in the forum for Internet Explorer 8 issues and only found one message ("When in doubt, return to Internet Explorer..." by Cris-Rogers) which was informative.

Are there any known issues with IE 8? Maybe a list somewhere?

I obtained a test loaner desktop with IE8 at work (you know, large corporations are picky on what they allow in). Informal testing showed nothing amiss in Clarity layout (display in browser), but we did find a few JavaScript errors in the admin section (IOW not impacting regular users):

* Error when deleting Initiated Process' instances
* Error when deleting custom Portlets
* Error deleting custom attibutes on objects
* Error deleting custom process

These are all related and I'm sure CA can easily fix them to comply with the stricter W3C standards in IE8.

I understand that v12.1 is in the works.


* Will v12.1 address IE 8 issues?
* Any tentative release date for this upgrade?
* Any other nown issues with deploying under IE8?

Any help or insight appreciated.