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Background server takes 3 hours to run 2000 processes

Question asked by on Aug 2, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by sundar
Hi All,

I have a performance issue on the background server.

We have the following scenario:

1. Project object is updated -> Process is fired on update of this object
2. Process step runs a sub-process
3. Sub-process updates around 40 instances of a custom object we've created
4. The Custom object has another process set to fire when it gets updated -> At that moment I have 40 new processes running, 1 for each updated instance of the custom object I have created

So, if I update 50 projects I end up with 2000 processes running in the background, and that takes a looooong time, 3 hours at least.

Is that expected? Anyone knows how to improve performance on that scenario? Something like configuring the background server to run more processes at the same time or adding another background server?

Thanks for any help,

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