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Question asked by wbreno on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by wbreno
The is probably an answer to this in a manual so far but I haven't found it. I'm brand new to IDMS. I have to increase the size of an area so I need to know if there are any cross area pointers. We don't have anything that documents our systems (bachmans, etc.) I appears from the DBTABLE though that we only have one segment/DB so I'm wondering if it's possible to have cross area pointers between DB's. I'm guessing not and if so I would be safe unloading and reloading all the areas in the segment I'm working with. Am I guess correctly or is it actually possible to have cross area pointers between DBs?

The Segment in a DB is also in it's own page group and I didn't think you could have pointers across page groups either?