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Flush all cache in several servers

Question asked by on Aug 2, 2010
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We have 8 servers in our production environment, all with weblogic instances of Clarity.

When we need to flush all caches we take a lot of time trying to reach each server to do the "Flush All" action.

I wonder if there is anyway to access directly a specific server and then do the Flush All.

Even if I use the server name in the URL it goes back to our load balance url. Not sure if it is a load balance configuration or something from Clarity specifically.

I tried to access directly one of my servers to get the WSDL of the FlushAllCaches web services and I was able to, so this works:

If I use the SOAPUI tool, for example, that can get the WSDL and generate a call to that service, would I be able to reach directly that server and run the Flush All caches service? It seems that is feasible, just looking for anyone that might have a better way of doing it.