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Processes and default partition

Question asked by Fabio Cresta Employee on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2012 by prasad.t
Hi All.
I have the following situation:

1. a user is linked to 2 partitions (A and B). It's project default partition is A
2. I have process in partition B, some in create mode some in edit mod with starting conditions
3. user creates a new project in partition B. All processes marked as start ion creation start
4. Now user change the value of a project attribute. This attribute is one related to start condition of a process in partition B. The process does not start
If I change the user project default partition to B, all processes start.
Of course this creates the opposite problem when user creates a project in Partition A.
My question is how can I let the user start a process depending on the project partition instead of the default user partition?