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New to Clarity: How to deploy portlets from test to production?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Alex_Feldstein
I am a new Clarity dev. As background, I am a C#/ASP.NET developer who has been put into Clarity development (no Java experience but plenty of years on Windows development, web, javascript, html, xml, et al).

We have a test environment and a production environment with Clarity PPM v12.0.5 in our organization. I am learning how to develop new portlets and apps into Clarity. I created a portlet with some tabs, and am currently adding queries and learning how to produce the reports management requested.

The question I have is, once I am done and everything is tested and approved, how do I deploy all of this new functionality to the production environment? In .NET it is easy, just compile and "Publish" the file to a folder, then copy over to the other environment. In Clarity, I guess it is more complicated. I suppose the pages/tabs/portlets I create 'live" inside a database table or three. Is there any way, or accepted procedure to replicate all of this work into production?

Surely I'm not suppossed to re-create everything by hand in the other server, am I?

Is there some documentation or online tutorial that shows you how to do this?

I am sure the expert users here have gone through this many times over.


Alex Feldstein
Ryder Systems