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Custom attribute XOG update from static lookup

Question asked by brendanj1 on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by Dave
Hi, Could do with some insight on how to achieve this change. A custom project object att - 'Product' is derived from a static lookup and we need to change the current (inactive) values, on our projects to a new (active) set of values. The lookup has all the correct and new values but I need to find a mechansism where I can update approx 60 new products against a large number of projects (6000+). I've looked through a lot of threads on this subject but am probably more confused now than earlier.

Custom/ Project - (Attribute) Product (Desc) Product List (Type) Lookup - String (Table) odf_ca_project (db column) dh_product_2

Custom/ (Lookup) dh products (ID) DH_PRODUCT (Desc) List of dh products (Source) Static List (Sys Type) User-defined

What I'm struggling with (based on looking at other read/ write xml files) is how to define what the xog needs to reference to, to change val A to val B on this custom attribute.

Old Product value New Product value
Internal - Other / Non-Product
Adhoc insights
CI - Availability Subscription
CI - Availablility Opportunity Analysis

Any assistance extremely welcome B