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Actuate Variable question

Question asked by Lowell on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by Lowell
Hi All,
I have an Actuate Report that has Fields in it with formulas such as:

SUM([avail_count]) WHERE ([slice_date] >= NewReportApp::gbPeriod1 AND [slice_date] <= NewReportApp::gePeriod1)

I'm trying to expand the range of this report to 31 periods. I cannot find the location of the "code" which defines gePeriod1.

This report has 2 .BAS files in the Library Organizer. I have opened both of these .BAS files and they do not contain the gePeriod1.

The only place I have found the "gePeriod1" is in the .BAS file that Actuate eReport designer creates when you "Build" the report (successfully). This file is recreated each time, so I cannot "Add" my new periods to it.

Where do you edit these values? How can you add more?