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BlamePointTracer is not providing any data

Question asked by chausel on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by MaryGreening

I changed our configuration to use BlamePointTracer (as recommended). Doing that I just changed the tracer (and adapted the metric name). Before the change I got information from the associated classes, after the change I get nothing at all. As I just changed the tracer and our application did not change, problems regarding incorrect class namings etc. cannot be the reason.

Here is a snippet of how I use the BlamePointTracer. Could you see any problem with this definition?

TraceOneMethodOfClass: aMethod BlamePointTracer "Application|Component|Method"

Before the change, the metric definition was

TraceOneMethodOfClass: aMethod MethodTimer "Application|Component|Method:Response Time"
TraceOneMethodOfClass: aMethod PerIntervalCounter "Application|Component|Method:Calls"

The second provides data, the first doesn't. Do you see any mistakes?