Benefits as another project's funds

Discussion created by pkrystosiak on Aug 6, 2010
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Dear all,

I am struggling with fulfilling our client's business need with Clarity (v12). Maybe someone had the same issue before and will be able to suggest something useful...

OK. Here's the deal.
We have a project A1 (it's about building a windmill). First, this windmill only costs money. Then, when already built, it also brings profit (benefit). Let's assume that we have another similar project - A2. Both windmills are still in development.

Then we have a project B, planned for the future (yes, you guessed right - building another windmill). The company will have funds to build this one from projects' A1 and A2 benefits. Let's assume that 70% of the project A1 benefits and 30% of project A2 benefits can be used for he purpose.

Our client needs to see if they have enough funds for project B to proceed.
Also they want to see what happens if for example project A2 gets delayed and it will not bring as much profit as initially expected.

Cost and benefit can be planned simple way (through project Budget subpage) or more complex way (through Planned Cost and Planned Benefits in Financial Plans tab).

Below is what I managed to "draw" in Excel. This could be a way to show it in Clarity (stacked column graph):

Example 1:
Entry state (project A1 and A2 benefits are enough, at least at the beginning) to start project B.

Example 2:
Project A2 gets delayed for 3 months - there's not enough funds to go with project B:

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated?