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Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Aug 6, 2010
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CA Technologies on Application Performance Management
CA's insights on application performance management and the latest news and information about the company’s CA Wily APM solution.
"Generation Z" rules!
7/20/10 8:53 AM
Kobi Korsah I just read this really nice article in Financial Services Technology about the rise and rise of mobile banking. The article, which reminds us that new channels to banking (and commerce) services are the future, cites World Bank estimates of 3Bn mobile phone (cell) users. Apparently this equals the total of the world’s landlines AND personal computers. The article also provides stark insight...

Big Bang is 24 years young!
7/14/10 6:17 AM
Kobi Korsah This year the City of London marks the 24th anniversary of "Big Bang"; when the sudden deregulation of financial markets was fuelled by the change from open-outcry to electronic, screen-based trading. A phenomenal increase in market activity resulted from technological measures designed to alter the structure of the market; and almost instantly made London the heart of global finance....

The CA Cloud Storm Chasers
A major transformation is changing the way businesses access services and how IT departments deliver them - that transformation is cloud computing. Hear from thought leaders about innovations in what our industry suggests will be the most beneficially disruptive model of business computing we have ever witnessed.
On Cloud Lock-in, Standards, Decoupling and why SaaS does not scale.
7/26/10 11:55 PM
Gregor Petri With security and legal concerns being slowly addressed by the industry, lock-in and standards are rapidly becoming the biggest concerns regarding cloud computing. If the cloud industry is to make good on its promise, these will need to somehow be addressed. Let's examine some recent developments. This post originally appeared on July 27 at Interesting to see how, just a...

Might the cloud prove Thomas J. Watson right after all?
7/21/10 5:13 AM
Gregor Petri In 1943 former IBM president Thomas J. Watson allegedly *1 said: "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers". Will cloud computing prove Watson to be right after all? Anyone who visited a computer-, internet- or mobile-conference in recent years, is likely to have been privy to someone quoting Watson. Most often to show how predicting the future is a risky...

CA Technologies on Service Management
The importance of Service Management from building a strategy to applying best practices with ITIL is paramount in realizing real world, practical implementations. Learn how you can go from strategy to implementation
If you don't pay for "IT" there is NO value!
8/6/10 6:03 AM
Robert Stroud This summer has been exceptionally hot in New York (well for NY anyway). In fact, the discussions around the water cooler are primarily about the heat wave. I have been told the beaches are packed and, well, I went to India to escape the heat! Imagine the joy upon my return to be presented by a significant power bill to cool the house, especially when I was not...

Video Blog: Cloud and Virtualization...the death of ITIL or the opportunity of a lifetime?
8/5/10 9:48 AM
Robert Stroud

Service Assurance Daily
8/6/10 10:37 AM
Service Assurance Daily is the company blog of CA Technologies Service Assurance customer solution unit, which is written and edited by New Media Principal Denise Dubie, an IT industry veteran journalist with a passion for IT management, automation and service assurance technology.
Smartphones invade the enterprise: Will IT management need to change?
8/6/10 10:37 AM

More companies will allow end users to carry IT supported smartphones and more enterprise applications will reside on the devices, according to recent research, but will the trend challenge IT management practices?

By Denise Dubie

It seems inevitable that enterprise IT managers will have to devise a plan to handle a slew of smartphones in the coming years, according to recent research reports that say companies will extend business applications to the devices and most handhelds will feature Web browsers by 2015.

Just how smart is your smartphone?

ABI Research this week shared data that showed more than 60% of the installed base of mobile handsets worldwide, or about 3.7 billion, will contain mobile Web browsers by 2015. And McAfee’s Digital Trust unit reported that some 75% of 150 senior IT executives intend to make internal applications available to employees on a variety of smartphones, according to a Network World article. Specifically, nearly 60% of respondents said they will mobilize more than e-mail, extending CRM, ERP and proprietary in-house applications to mobile devices.
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