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CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Time Slicing 101 - Part 5 practical examples

Question asked by another_martink on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2014 by urmas
This is a request for practical eaxmples.

Say you create on a Tuesday eg. Nov 15th 2011 weekly time slices and set the FROM_DATE to be Monday Nov 14th 2011 with a weekly roll over frequency.
At which date will that roll over and what will be the from date after the roll over.

Then say you create create monthly slices on January 31st with from date January 30th and monthly roll over period.
What would be the next three roll over dates and what would be the from dates after those?

When you specify the start day of the week in Project management settings where would you see the result.
I assume not in time slices and not time reporting periods or fiscal periods because you configure them in their own set up screens.

Martti K.