bottom line on 'is zIIP right for your CV"

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Nov 20, 2011
Now that my presentation is over - I can now think of all the things that I wanted to put it in but somehow didn't

If the average CPU/task in a zIIP environment is ANYTHING less than TWICE the cpu/task in non-zIIP environment - then ziIP is a benefit to that CV For example

In a non-ziip version 18 environment, if the average CPU/TASK is 500 milliseconds, then, in the now-zIIP save version 18 environment; an average of:

600 milliseconds would be good (only 300 billed) 750 milliseconds would be good (only 375 billed) Even 900 milliseconds would be good (only 450 billed)

Only when the average exceeded 1000 milliseconds (>500 billed) would we be billing more in a zIIP environment than we were in a non-ziIP environment

More to come later on this

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