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EVM Configuration

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Aug 12, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Robert Ensinger
Hi all.
Has anyone successfully configured their "non financially enabled" system as per the instructions from the 6/10/2010 Global User Community webcast?

So far I'm unable to get any EVM numbers to come out of our system (12.0.5) and have no leads on how to troubleshoot this. I'd love to "compare notes" with someone with EVM working in a non financially enabled system.

As per my understanding of the instructions....
- Rate Matrix for resources (labor) is defined and active for the project.

- All resources are associated with a rate in the rate matrix, so that their planned and actual costs can be generated.

- Timesheet periods are defined and open for time entry.

- All assigned resources can enter time.

- There is at least one setup entry on Earned Value Time Periods page of Clarity Administrative module.

- Projects and resources are stored in the DataMart. DataMart Extraction and Timeslice jobs have run.

I interpret this as "Make sure you have an active rate matrix. Make sure you have EVM Period. Make sure you have the Rate Source & Cost Source defined for your Labor Transaction Rates on your project. Configuration-wise, I think I'm set (screen shots below).

I have posted time to this project (8/9-12). I set the "As of Date" to 8/13. I've run all the jobs in every conceivable order. When I click "Update Earned Value" I get nothing and no idea of what's not firing.

Any advice on what I've configured wrong or how I can better troubleshoot is greatly appreciated.