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Transfer OBS when converting Idea to a Project or Other Investment

Question asked by Rajani on Aug 13, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2010 by derrickat
Hi ,

I am working on an enhancement to transfer OBS from idea to project/other work when it is converted. I checked with CA and this does not automaticaly happen for us (12.0.3) becuase our OBS are tied with an entity. I wrote a process on Idea update where I get the OBS from prj_obs_associations table for the idea and get investment details from inv_investments (where idea_id=myid) and tring to insert a row into prj_obs_associations table for the converted project/other work. I am having problem with the sequence for prj_obs_associations. The insert is not happening.

Please let me know what sequence should be used for prj_obs_associations. Are they any other tables involved in the idea conversion process?

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