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NSQL Case Statement Help

Question asked by Tammi Champion on Aug 18, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2010 by Tammi
Hi Everyone,

Can someone please help me with this nsql statement, I would like to create an if statement based on this.

@select:metric:user_def:implied:(cop_calc_finish_fct(pp.prFinish) - cop_calc_finish_fct(pp.prBaseFinish))/(cop_calc_finish_fct(pp.prBaseFinish) - cop_calc_finish_fct(pp.prBaseStart)) * 100:days_late_percentage@,

The problem is we had an issue in which someone baselined a project with a baseline start of 9/1/10 and baseline finish of 9/1/10 which bombed the entire portlet because of dividing by 0. Can I apply a case statement so if 0 then ?

We want to put this in place in case this ever happened again, which is shouldn't if the process was followed correctly on using baseline

Any help I can get would be appreciated