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Question on Upgrading to v13 When It's Available

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by Dave
We are planning to upgrade to v13 pretty much as soon as it comes out. We are currently running 12.0.6 on old Windows 2003 servers running SQL Server 2005.

We have already provisioned new Windows 2008 servers and SQL Server 2008 databases to host the v13 upgrade.

My question really is about the best way to handle the upgrade since v13 does not support Windows 2003/SQL 2005 - so upgrading in place and porting over to the new environments does not seem like an option.

Ideally I would like to install a fresh copy of v13 on the new hardware and then overwrite the database with the current 12.0.6 production data - but I suspect that is not easily done due to the version mismatch.
We are trying to put a project plan together for the upgrade so I need to figure out what kind of effort will be involved here. We do upgrades all the time, but since we are changing hardware and the lack of support for the existing server versions has me wondering what the right approach is.