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Subtotal Charges Assigned to a Project

Question asked by terrikring on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2011 by another_martink
Can someone please tell me the best method for a PM to see all charges assigned to a project grouped by Capital and Expense?

The only way I have found to do this, is to go into a Project, click on “Tasks” and then on “Work Breakdown Structure”. Then click “Configure” and configure the screen to include the Actuals field. Once you include the Actuals field and while still in “Configure”, you can click “Aggregation” and the choose “Actuals” to “Sum”. That then gives the PM the total number of hours that have been charged to the project. Now, I need to take that total and figure out how to “subtotal” it by Capital And Expense – using whatever field we choose if using the Charge Code field is not recommended. But so far, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do the subtotal.

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