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Question asked by Iceberg on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by mparikh
Hello, I'm currently waiting for CA support online approval and thought I'd fire my question off in here.

In my organization there isn't much knowledge around installing .net agents for IIS.I followed the documentation and took a stab at the installation, but ran into issues. I've configured several unix agents without issues, but obviously these installations aren't quite the same.

Where I'm at..

Installed the 9.0.7 agent (for use with APM9 EM/MOM) on windows server 2008 R2
IIS version 6.1 (SP1)
- permissions are set (I believe correctly)
wily.agent.dll is sitting in the /windows/assembly folder (after disabling UAC to copy the file over - and then re enabling UAC)
IntroscopeAgent profile is pointing to correct EMs (which I can telnet to from the agent's host)
w3wp.exe process is running
- There does not appear to be any monitoring happening, and the agent will not connect to EM
There are no logs showing up to explain why there is no activity from the agent

Basically, I'm a bit lost as to what comes next. Without logging errors and any further documentation to validate the install I can't move forward.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.