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Tuxedo PowerPack configuration issue

Question asked by sbastine on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2011 by SergioMorales
[color=#A11717][This is an unresolved issue, so i publish it again as "unresolved" issue.][color]

I m facing some issues in configuring tuxedo powerpack and somehow i am unable to make it run.

The things i have done so far on weblogic side are,

classpath arguments: [color=#0B8537]${WILY_HOME}/WebAppSupport.jar[color]

java arguments: [color=#0B8537]-Xbootclasspath/p:${WILY_HOME}/connectors/AP.jar:${WILY_HOME}/Agent.jar -Dweblogic.classloader.preprocessor=com.wily.introscope.api.weblogic.PreProcessor -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile=${WILY_HOME}/IntroscopeAgent.profile -Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentName=${SERVER_NAME}[color]

Now i have deployed PowerPack for tuxedo, and done following steps, kindly do guide me as i am confused about some steps, as i follow guide for owerpack for tuxedo connector 2.1.1, there are following steps guide demands me to perform,

[color=#0B8537]Step 1: Stop the WebLogic server (Weblogic 8.1 on AIX) [Performed]

Step 2: Shut down Introscope Enterprise Manager if it is running [Performed]

Step 3: Ensure Platform Monitors are enabled on Solaris and Windows NT 4.0 machines [Performed]

Step 4: Copy files to the Agent Installation [Performed]

Step 5: Enable Custom Tracers [Performed]

Step 6: Update CLASSPATH (only if not using JVM AutoProbe) [I am using jvm autoprobe(Option 1), as you can see my java argument that i have given above]

Step 7: Assign IntroscopeAgent.profile to -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile [Performed, as u can see my given java arguments in weblogic domain startup file above]

Step 8: Install PowerPack Management Module [Performed]

Step 9: Configure IntroscopeAgent.profile file to turn on JMX in the WebLogic machine[u] [Performed]

Now do start from [color=#0B8537]step 4:
i - Copy PPTuxedoConnectors_AgentExtension.jar file to the “ext” directory under the Introscope Agent Installation: For WebLogic Applications(WTC): <BEA Home>/weblogic/wily/ext
ii - Copy PPTuxedoConnectors.pbd to the Introscope Agent Installation Directory: For WebLogic Applications(WTC or Jolt): <BEA Home>/weblogic/wily

Step 5:
There are two options for enabling custom Tracers:
1. JVM AutoProbe to apply instrumentation at runtime. (Recommended)
2. Manual ProbeBuilder to apply instrumentation statically.
• For WTC, weblogic.jar will be instrumented.

Option 1: JVM AutoProbe to apply instrumentation at runtime.(Recommended)
i - See the Introscope Installation and Configuration Guide for information on configuring JVM AutoProbe.
For WebLogic Applications, see the chapter, Configuring WebLogic Server with Introscope.

ii - Add PPTuxedoConnectors.pbd to the value of the introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile property in the IntroscopeAgent.Profile file.

Option 2: Manual ProbeBuilder to apply instrumentation statically.
i - For WTC, apply the PPTuxedoConnectors.pbd to weblogic.jar using Introscope’s Command Line ProbeBuilder:
Execute the following in the <BEA home>\weblogic\wily\ext directory:

<BEA home>\jdk141\bin\java -classpath ProbeBuilder.jar
-directives PPTuxedoConnectors.pbd
-origjar <BEA home>\weblogic\server\lib\weblogic.jar
-destjar <BEA home>\weblogic\server\lib\weblogic.isc.jar

ii - Rename the Introscope-enabled jar files
For WTC:
– Rename weblogic.jar to weblogic.orig.jar
– Rename weblogic.isc.jar to weblogic.jar

Step 6: Update CLASSPATH (only if not using JVM AutoProbe)
You need to update the CLASSPATH for any .bat or .cmd file (which uses the Introscope-enabled weblogic.isc.jar) if the .bat or .cmd file is used to run an application that is to be monitored by Introscope and the PowerPack for WebLogic:
For WebLogic Applications (WTC or Jolt):
<BEA home>/weblogic/wily/Agent.jar;
NOTE: Applications not monitored by Introscope can continue to use the original weblogic.jar in their the .bat or .cmd files

Step 7: Assign IntroscopeAgent.profile to -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile
Add the following line to any .cmd or .bat file, which starts an application that is to be monitored by the PowerPack:
For WebLogic Applications (WTC):
-Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile="<BEA home>\weblogic\wily\IntroscopeAgent.profile"
This step is needed to ensure that Introscope uses the properties in IntroscopeAgent.profile.

Step 8: Install PowerPack Management Module
• Copy the appropriate Management Module jar file to the <Introscope home>\config\modules directory in the Introscope Enterprise Manager’s installation directory.
Management Module jar file for WTC: PPTuxedoConnectors_WTCManagementModule.jar

Step 9: Enable JMX metrics
Make the following modifications (indicated by bold-faced letters) in the JMX section of the <BEA home>\weblogic\wily\IntroscopeAgent.profile file on the WebLogic machine.[color]

But after these all steps, somehow my Tuxedo PowerPack is'nt detecting WTC, means not working. Can anyone kindly tell me what i am missing.