Message from the Chair

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Dec 6, 2011
I would like to remind the participants in this forum of the expectations of behavior.

This is a forum for any and all people with an interest in the IDMS product line; including DBAs, developers, consultants, and managers. While the bulk of the postings are made by DBAs and consultants, there are large numbers of individuals subscribed to this list who never post, but are interested in learning more about IDMS through the discussions that take place.
All members of this forum are expected to be polite to and respectful of the feelings of others, including specific individuals as well as classes of participants.
It is never OK to directly or indirectly assume an air of superiority over any person or group of people, just because you have the benefit of years of experience and training.
Over time and recently there have been postings opining about the lack of IDMS expertise of application developers, either local or offshore. MANY APPLICATION DEVELOPERS SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST!
If you are having issues with the IDMS knowledge of people you work with, you have two options:
a. Reach out to them and offer to help them understand the product better.
b. Discuss with your management the need for more training.

As always, postings that appear to demean either specific individuals or people in certain job functions or geographies will have the poster placed in ‘review’ status.

Linda J. Casey
International Chair, IUA