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Complete in OBS Tag is Overwriting Resources Associated to OBS

Question asked by marie.mcintosh on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2011 by another_martink
First, in Clarity Studio I updated an OBS by removing rights associated to each node.

Secondly, I XOG'ed out that OBS, and in the XML data file I entered ...<complete="true>" so that it would completely overwrite the OBS in production.

[color=#ee1818]<obs code="afrl_org_edit_obs"
description="some description" name="Organization-Edit Subpages" isSecurity="true" complete ="true">
Then, I also removed all the assocObject Resources because these people are different than those in Production. We don't want 'testers' to have rights in production.

Finally, I XOG'ed it into a testing envrionment.

My problem is that the <complete="true"> not only overwrites the entire OBS (which is good); however, it also overwrites the resources associated to this OBS (which is not good). Is there a way to overwrite an OBS without it removing associated resources?