Will 12.1 support Oracle 11.1 and Excel 2003?

Discussion created by vtleogal2 on Aug 30, 2010
I know 12.1 is not quite set to come out until the end of September, but I was hoping maybe a beta tester or CA person might read this post:grin:

Early word says that 12.1 will require Excel 2007, but I thought this was only for the dashboarding feature like 12.06 and that you could still use 2003 to do exports? If you download the compatibility pack, then you should be able to use the Dashboarding feature. Is this correct? can Excel 2003 be used with 12.1?

Another early word says that Oracle 11.2.01 or higher is supported, but 12.06 went up to 11.1, so is 11.1 supported in 12.1 or do clients need to prepare to just go to 11.2.01?