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CEM: 47-71%" Missing response" or "Partial Response"

Question asked by jfaldmo on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by Richard_Lucas
What would account for the "Success Rate Observed" to be between 47% and 82% for all four of the Business Services I have defined?
The Average Time Observed is between .004s to 1.031s.

This is a new setup. The traffic is being gathered and forwarded from a Gigamon. The two situations I can think of is 1) that the responses are not being captured or 2) the TIM is oversubscribed and can't process the packets quickly enough.

Here is my latest "TIM Status" page. What does Queued Out-of-Order TCP Bytes mean? (In the middle of the day it has been much larger, around 850 MB)

Analysis Status
Total Packets 604,967
Total Components 4,901
Total TranSets 337
Total TranUnits 337
Total TranComps 337
Total SSL Sessions 0
Total Short Packets 0
Executing Java plug-in id 0

Memory Status
Memory 132.95 MB (139,411,456 B)
Queued Out-of-Order TCP Bytes 55,861,050
Open Connections 2,824
Open TranSets 142
Open TranUnits 142
Open TranComps 142
Open SSL Sessions 0
Login/Session entries 0
Queued Login Info Items 0
Queued Raw Events 0
Statistics Records 79
Updated Dec 09 16:38:11