CA Tuesday Tip: APM 9.1 and Semi-Canned Reporting

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CA Wily Tuesday Tip by Hallett German, Sr. Support Engineer for 12/12/2011

APM 9.1 and Semi-Canned Reporting

APM Customer Experience offers a full range of reporting from canned reports to full-blown systems (usually built by CA Technologies Professional Services). APM features a middle ground which I call the semi-canned reports. These include the following features:
- Expanded report content
- Programmatic creation
- Export of data in a format that can be manipulated by third-party reporting software.

In APM 9.1, Semi-canned reporting has been expanded in a big way:
- In addition to the existing Readme files, there is a new document -- the APM API Reference Guide. It covers the Web Services SDK
and the APM Customer Experience Data Export Tool (which is built using the APM Customer Experience Transaction Model API.) The CA
Introscope Web Services API is also discussed.
- The Data Export Tool has additional reports for Transaction Content Errors -- making it now 50 report types and countless options.

Note that to use the Export Tool, use must have APM Customer Experience Administrator privileges.

- The arrival of Flexible Reporting. Flexible Reporting is built into the TESS Admin GUI and does not require Administrator
privileges. Go to CEM>Export Data in the TESS GUI to access. Once there, go to the Statistics Data (producing aggregated or non-
aggregated data), Defects Data (selecting data for a time range, if including metadata such as HTTP response/request variables and
other parameters), and Incidents Data. Select the appropriate parameters to filter the data and click the Save to CSV
button. An export file is then produced. This also gives you the ability for the first time from the GUI to customize the
percentiles shown in the report. Note also that producing these export files can also be scheduled and mailed as one or more zip

Discussion Questions:
- Do you have the need
to extract selected defects and incidents?
to manipulate APM Customer Experience data using third-party reporting systems?

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