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Clarity Bugs / Issues

Question asked by sundar on Dec 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by sundar

we have recently upgraded to 1 003 .

we find the below issues mainly in Clarity MSP.

1). Opening MSP from Clarity tends to be very slow and can hangs at times.

No solution.

Have any body handled and tested in or

2) MSP cannot Save to Clarity because of inactive role assigned at task level. Error “Invalid role (role initials) an assignment for task (task name)” .

CA support--> This is an bug fixed in

workaround-->we have activated all roles and renamed as obsolete for time being until we deploy / test in

CLRT-63844, MSP: Saving project from msp to Clarity gives error if any roles
on the project have been inactivated:
"Invalid role [ina_role] on assignment for task Test1" .
Need to update this role to active one at task assignment level in order to save the plan..

3) Unknown exception error received from server for 1st time upload via msp template using during "SAVE AS".

workaround we found->Able to upload on the 2nd try.
CA support advice-->Go for

we are facing 1 more issue in cost plan.will test it and confirm.