v13 and Windows2008 Server

Discussion created by Dave on Dec 12, 2011
I understand (from the v13 beta release notes) that Clarity V13 on Windows is supported against;

"Windows 2008 Server (R2) 64-bit Standard Edition up to SP2" and "Windows 2008 Server (R2) 64-bit Enterprise Edition up to SP2"

My questions are ;

whether it will also be supported against the R1 versions of Windows2008 server?

and what features of R2 are being used specifically (over R1/SP2)?


The feedback I have had from technical architects specifying my target build are that there are "features" in R2 that are "not very secure" and if Clarity is using these I need to get extra security waiver in place on my site.
(my techies tell me there are a lot of differences)

(I have raised a call with support for this Q too (ref 20689723-1), but any input from the CA tech teams would be appreciated! :vader:)