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How to create a lookup that triggers another action?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by Michael Thibault
We have a custom subpage of the Project Page, where users can enter information about special projects (we call them RCEs for Request for Capital Expenditures, e.g. big amount projects). This custom-made page we've had for a while (before my time here). The data is entered by hand and saved into odf_ca_project as it includes custom fields added to the project Object.

We also have a custom-made RCE object, kept in odf_ca_rce_object. This table collects totals from different places (project, timesheets, etc).

The issue is that in the current RCE subpage they can enter whatever they want, which allows for incorrect data. We are most concerned with the total approved amount for the project and would like to get a calculated value. Therefore I am requested to create a lookup in that subpage, where they can pick from the list of current RCE projects.

I have the query for the lookup. I added a simple lookup field for it (NSQL query). What I need to do now is add some calculated fields R/O to the page to collect information from the selected RCE project.

How do I add a trigger to this lookup? What I want is for them to press the binoculars, then pick the proper record from the lookup screen that opens, and this to trigger another NSQL query (which I already wrote and tested), to then fill-in the bottom portion of this sub-screen with the results.

I looked at the documentation, plus CAs "Project & Portfolio manager Studio Developer's Guide" and could not find a mention of triggers anywhere.

Any help appreciated.


[Update]: Attached image as per Martink's comment (below).

What I would like to do, is trigger (I see now it is called a "Link") that when the binoculars are pressed (you cannot see them at the right due to the wide image), and a selection is made in the lookup page that opens, then a new section in the bottom of the page (yet to be created) will display info from the new table mentioned above (I have the query).

Upon further study, I see any new attributes I create will go only on odf_ca_project (as far as I can see). This will mean that to display the results of the 'triggered" or "linked" query I would need to have some new attributes created, (some of which are already in the screen I am showing), so they would be duplicates but these ones coming from a query to another table.Maybe I am doing this the complicated way. Maybe I should just not allow them to enter anything in this screen in the edit page (not for Create Mode of course which needs some blank entries), but just ask them to do the lookup (shown here in red oval), then display whatever results come through.

Ideas or suggestions welcomed.