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Baselining a project (with subs) with a process vs the User Interface

Question asked by Chris_Shaffer_hcsc on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by another_martink
We have a process that sends and action item prior to baselining a project. Now that we are venturing into EVM we are taking a closer look at the baseline data and noticing some discrepancies with the values based on how a project was baselined. This only happens with master projects trying to pull in the sub project data.

Master Project A has a BAC of 500,000
-- Sub Project 1 has a BAC of 500,000
-- Sub Project 2 has a BAC of 500,000

Method 1
Going to the baseline sub-page of the master project, if I click on "new" and create a baseline. Master Project A now has the correct BAC value of 1,500,000

Method 2
Baselining the master project from Open Workbench results in the same with a BAC value of 1,500,000

Method 3
A one step process that has an action of "Baseline Project". This baselines the master project with a BAC of 500,000.

Questions for you
1) I assumed that the action of Baseline Project on the process performed the same action as doing it manually though the UI. Apparently not. Is this a known bug or has anyone else seen this behavior? We have had this process in place for a while but is just now coming to light after looking at the data more closely.

2) Are there any other options that I have of baselining the master and have it include the sub data that I can use in a process?

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