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Interfaces to/from Clarity

Question asked by matpj on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2010 by matpj
Howdy people,

I'm investigating options and possible interfaces to and from Clarity.
In our business we have an enhancements system that was in existance long before we implemented Clarity.
We have an interface from this that creates projects in Clarity (and synchronises data) using XOG.

We are in the process of implementing 12.0.6 (currently LIVE on 7.5.3) and wondered about other systems that hook onto Clarity quite nicely, such as document management systems etc.

More out of interest, I was hoping fellow users on here could give me an insight into their set-up.
I have spoken with other people who either have other systems ingrained into their business that stop them using Clarity for the same purpose (such as document management) OR people who prefer the functionality in those areas within other tools, and have interfaces accordingly.
As another example, our Sales department use a tool called Maximizer to track pipelines and opportunities. We are thinking about using Clarity 'Ideas' as a replacement or even just interfacing Maximizer to create Ideas from a sales 'opportunity' in Maximizer..

Please, if you have such a setup and interface to or from Clarity, take a moment and jot it down on here...

Thanks and regards,